Corporate Business and Marketing Advisory Services

Through the Ekera Managed Services entity, and as a part of Ekera’s commitment creating medical centres that offer exceptional medical care, Ekera offers its centres access to a range of corporate, business and marketing services. These services cover both our centres’, and their individual practices’, business and marketing needs. In providing these services we enable our healthcare providers to focus on providing medical care while we assist with the management of business support requirements.

These services typically include:

  • Developing GP networks through marketing, events and education;
  • Facilitating community education seminars;
  • Provision of GP directories;
  • Sequential patient appointment and scheduling throughout the centre;
  • The provision of concierge and reception services;
  • The provision of telephony, internet, reminder text messaging, Hi-caps machines, etc;
  • General centre marketing and public relations activities;
  • Financial services such as financial reporting, pay-roll, and accounts management, and inventory ordering and control services;
  • Provision of seminar rooms;
  • Provision of staff rooms;
  • Human resource advisory services; and
  • Events management services.