Our Model

Ekera Medical creates medical centres that offer outstanding healthcare services through the provision of:

  • An integrated suite of quality healthcare options;
  • Access to fulfill the majority of a patient’s primary healthcare needs in one central location;
  • On-going integration of the latest technology to enhance diagnosis and treatment;
  • A focus on the needs of our patients; and
  • A cost-effective service offering supported by dedicated, skilled medical professionals.

Our Mission

“To build and sustain replicable, integrated health facility destinations that are supported by unique, professional management services and infrastructure that promote superior delivery in communities of need.”

Our Vision

“To develop a new, scalable and effective destination model for health services delivery, capable of providing practitioners and their patients with enriched outcomes.”


Ekera Medical has a number of operational entities. Each major division that sits under the Australian operating entity has a skilled management team, charged with delivering realistic key performance metrics.